Leviticus 17  —  In Chapter 17 the eating of blood is forbidden. How the fellowship offering is to be done is mentioned as well as goat idols that the Israelites were worshiping. Anyone eating blood would be cut off. The life of every creature is in its blood.
Leviticus 16  —  The Day of Atonement… Moses was told by God that Aaron could not go to the most Holy place behind the curtain in front of the atonement cover on the ark or else he will die– For he will appear in the cloud over the atonement cover. The chapter then describes how Aaron is to prepare for the day. Aaron is to make a sacrifice of a bull for his sin offering. He is to sacrifice the bull and sprinkle its blood on the atonement cover. By doing this he is making atonement for the most holy place. Aaron then will confess all the sins of Israel while placing his hands on a goat–that is to be freed into the wilderness. This would occur on the tenth day of the Sabbath month.
Leviticus 15  —  Chapter 15 is about discharges causing Uncleanness.
Leviticus 14  —  This chapter is about cleansing from defiling skin disease. The ceremony involves taking eight days and a dead bird and two lambs. A guilt offering and a wave offering must be presented.
Leviticus 13  —  This chapter is about defiling skin diseases. Anyone who has a skin disease must be brought to Aaron and the Priests. The Priests will examine the sores and will determine if it is a defiling skin disease. It also gives precise regulations for defiling molds.
Leviticus 12 summary  —  This chapter is about purification and childbirth.
Leviticus 11 summary  —  This chapter is about clean and unclean food. You may eat animals that have a divided hoof and chews the cud. Among the animals that are unclean are pigs, camels and rabbits. Anything in the water with fins and scales may be eaten. Unclean birds include eagle, vulture, red kite, raven and certain owls. Locust, crickets and grasshoppers are among the insects that can be eaten. You are not allowed to eat things that crawl on the ground.
Leviticus 10 summary  —  Aaron’s sons, Nadab and Abihu, offered “strange fire” that wasn’t keeping in God’s instructions and God sent out fire that destroyed them. The previous nine chapters had talked about the rules and the seriousness of the rules and they failed to obey the Lord. Moses then tells them not to drink wine before rituals and tells his other brothers not to mourn. Moses scolds Aaron for not doing as told but Aaron fires back that he can’t have a sacrifice in an unclean temple–after his sons were burned.
Leviticus 9 summary  —  In this chapter the Priests begin their ministry. Moses made some commands for offerings of both the priests and the people and said today the Lord will appear to you. Moses told the Priests to make atonement for themselves and the people. The blood of the animals was used for atonement. The following offerings were made: a goat for the people, ox and ram for fellowship offerings, and a burnt offering of grain. Aaron blessed the people. Moses and Aaron went into the tent of the meeting and when they came out they blessed the people. The glory of God came out and then a fire consumed the offerings.
Leviticus 8 summary —  This chapter is about anointing Aaron and his sons as priests. It begins with them, their garments, the anointing oil, a bull, two rams and bread without yeast being gathered along with the entire assembly around the tent of the meeting. Moses said this is what the Lord directed,washed them with water and anointed them with oil. He then presented the bull for the burnt offering and the Ram for sin offering. The other ram was used as ordination. At the conclusion of the ceremony they could not leave the tent of meeting for seven days.
Leviticus 7 Summary – The regulations for the Guilt Offering and The Fellowship Offering are Given. Eating fat and blood are forbidden You can’t eat road kill. The share that goes to the Priests is given and is to be given for generations to come.
Leviticus 6 Summary – If someone sins and is unfaithful to the Lord by” deceiving a neighbor, cheat their neighbors lost property and lied about it, swear falsely…they must make restitution if full plus a fifth and bring a ram to the priest for a guilt offering. In this way atonement is made. The Burnt Offering ritual for the priests is given to Aaron and his son. The Grain Offering is the perpetual share of the grain that is given to the Lord through Aaron and his sons. The Sin Offering is most Holy and the specifics are given for it.
Leviticus 5 Summary – Chapter 5 continues the sin offering. It covers people who don’t speak up when a public charge is made, if they unwittingly touch something unclean, thoughtlessly takes an oath… they must sacrifice a female lamb or goat. If the cannot afford a lamb –they are to take two doves–one for a sin offering and one for a prayer offering–if they couldn’t afford doves then bring their finest flour. The Guilt Offering is then mentioned. If anyone sins against God’s holy things then a Ram is to be sacrificed as a guilt offering.
Leviticus 4 Summary – Chapter 4 describes the Sin Offering for Unintentional sins. If an anointed priest sins unintentionally then he is to bring a young bull without a defect to be offered. If the whole of the Israel community sins unintentionally then a young bull is to brought and sacrificed after the elders have laid hands upon the bull. If a leader sins unintentionally then a male goat is to be sacrificed. If any member of the community sins unintentionally then a female goat is sacrificed. If a lamb is used as a sacrifice it must be a female without blemish. This will make atonement and they were forgiven.
Leviticus 2 Summary – The Grain Offering is described in Chapter 2 of Leviticus. It is to be the finest flour, olive oil is to be poured on it, put incense on it and take it to the sons of Arron – the priests. It is a most holy part of the food offering presented to the Lord. If it is to be baked it is to consist of the finest flour. Crumble it and pour oil on it. There was a memorial portion for the grain. All grains were to be seasoned with salt.
Leviticus 1 – The Burnt Offering specifics is made in the first chapter of Leviticus. The chapter then describes how a bull is to be offered so that it is acceptable for the Lord. The bull is not to be blemished that is to be offered by the sons of Aaron. If the offering is from a flock, sheep or goats, it is also to be unblemished. If done correctly, the offering is a pleasant offering. If the offering is a bird offering, it is to be dove or young pigeon. The specifics of how to sacrifice a bird is given.
Exodus 40 summary – In Chapter 40 the Tabernacles is actually set up. The tent meeting was to be set up once a month. It then discusses the offerings and the altars and how they were anointed. It then discusses Aaron and his sons would conduct the ceremonies. The covenant law was placed in the ark and put into the tabernacle. He also had a basin and courtyard. The cloud covered the tent of meeting–the people could not set out until it lifted. A fire replaced the cloud by night. It was in the site of the Israelites during all their travels.
Exodus 39 summary – The priestly garments — Th Ephod, The Breastpiece and tunic were made as God had instructed earlier in Exodus. Blue, Purple and Scarlet yarn were used as well as braided chains. Moses inspected the tabernacle, which was built just as God had decreed. Moses blessed them for doing this work as God commanded.
Exodus 38 summary – The Altar of Burnt Offerings is discussed. It had a horn at each of the four corners. It had utensils – pots, shovels, sprinkler bowls, meat forks and fire pans. They made a Basin for Washing out of Bronze. The Courtyard is then described. The Courtyard was described with silver posts and curtains. The Materials and how they were paid for were discussed at the end of chapter.

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  1. Sandi Stafford says:

    Another test

  2. Kirkccomish says:

    This is kirk testing our new blog. I look forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts as we study Exodus.

  3. kirk comish says:

    Hope everyone is doing well today. I had a great time at the river yesterday. It was good to get out and fellowship together, but even better to baptize new believers. Make sure if you look at the blog to say hello. I will post something this evening about Exodus. God bless.

  4. Tiffany ware says:

    I fully enjoyed being Baptized at the river and now also a member of a church that is not just a church but also a church where God is and the members there are all so special and sweet. They lift you up and you call tell they have God in their life. Bible study is awesome you learn so much . Time seems to go by so fast at Bible Study and you get Spiritual growth and prayers. God is so awesome. Great place to be. With God and with a church that brings unity and closeness to God and your spiritual growth and acceptance. Come as you are and people are so glad when you go to church it’s an amazing place and feeling.

  5. Tiffany ware says:

    In Exodus in the Bible study of page 26 How does Pharaoh’s repeatedly going back on his word mirror characteristics of false repentance? I think maybe Pharaoh relented and promised to let the people go, his fear of God was shallow and short lived. He seemed to want God’s favor when hardships were intense, but once relief came Pharaoh showed he had no REAL interest in knowing God or yielding to him. The difference between False repentance and true repentance is in exodus 7:1-13 I think maybe ask first off Are you truly sorry you sinned against God in response to sin being exposed. Are they repenting like they fear God or are they in damage control because they fear the world? Deep longing Greek word captures the idea that the repentant person wants to receive forgiveness and wants relationships restored. True repentance eager to resolve the sin and move on. Justice Godly sorrow comes from heart that is willing to accept the consequences of sin. Worldly Sorrow is often to escape consequences these actions do not come from a repentant heart.Godly sorrow sees justice as being from the Lord and because it is Godly it is good and a heart that is true is also true repentance. Sorry if I’m way off .

  6. kirk comish says:

    Way to get us started in Exodus Tiffany!!! When I was reading your comments I immediately thought of that old question: Are you sorry you got caught or you sorry you did it– whatever, it may be. You used the word “shallow” in reference to the fear of Pharaoh. I think a lot of problems with Christianity today deal with our shallowness. It reflects a shallow faith. BTW… mom is at home and just woke up…..thanks for all the prayers.

  7. kirk comish says:

    Good morning everyone or anyone… just wanted to give a quick update. Talked to dad early this morning and he told me she was feeling better. Again, thanks for all the prayers.

  8. Tiffany ware says:

    Kirk God is so good. I’m so glad your mom and dad are doing better. See you and your wife n kids tomorrow night for church. I can’t wait for fellowship tomorrow. We have a great pastor and great church friends as well. Thanks for the comments too. Have a great day to Everyone

  9. Michelle Gibbs says:

    Continuing prayers for your parents Kirk. So happy and proud to be in our Sunday school class and loving this new study of Exodus. Love you Tiffany and Aaron and extremely happy and thankful for God’s grace in your lives.

  10. Michelle Gibbs says:

    Ok…am I the only one that found that the authors opening paragraph in our lesson book was amazing. I look in a mirror and thank God I am not defined by my past associates. Another reason God’s grace and forgiveness is so amazing and so worthy of praise.

  11. Tiffany says:

    Michelle I love you so much. You are a very good friend to Me. I again maybe way off but I try. But on page 33 Sacrificed exodus 12:6-7 HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE THE IMPORTANCE OF APPLYING BLOOD TO THE DOORSTEPS AND LINTELS? the first Passover describes how vulnerable to deception we can be if we don’t believe and follow God. How does the sacrifice of the lamb point to JESUS? Passover shows us that believing and following God often times takes courage and faith. Passover marks the time God really began working with Israel and Jesus bore our guilt

  12. kirk comish says:

    Good morning…Like the comments… I have to start work but I just wanted to say good morning to everyone. To go along with what Tiffany is saying I will add that I don’t think it is any coincidence that the timing of the the CROSS occurs during Passover. Michele, I too am glad that we are not defined by our past associates. P.S. I am glad I wasn’t an Egyptian during these times- Wow.

  13. Sandi says:

    I added today’s chapter summary, so I hope you all come back to read and comment. Sorry, this week has been another bad week for me. Tomorrow morning I will add the summer for chapter 10. I plan to have one for each day of the week (thanks to Kirk).

  14. Michelle Gibbs says:

    I love studying the parallels in the Bible between the Old and New Testament. Could the “hardened” heart of the Pharoah not believing and worshiping the one true God reflect the hated toward Jesus as the Sanhedrin (Jewish ruling council) and were so determined he was not our Lord robed in flesh during the Passover celebration?

  15. kirk comish says:

    Good morning all. Sandi, I appreciate you posting our readings. Mrs. Mary had a sheet that had comparisons of Moses and Jesus. (obviously there is a limit to the comparison as only Jesus is the Messiah and only path to Heaven). But they have a lot in common.

  16. kirk comish says:

    Michele, there were people that followed the Jews. See Exodus 12:38– “Many other people went up with them….” I don’t know if they were Egyptians or not. I will try to do some more research. Anyone have any thoughts?

  17. Tiffany says:

    Bitter herbs chickory,coriander,dandelion,sow thistle, and wild lettuce were likely some of the original bitter herbs given their availability in the Sinai Peninsula and Egypt. Other plants recognized as bitter herbs include mint,sorrel,horehound,wormwood,and watercress.

  18. Tiffany says:

    If you need to or want to can you talk to God like his a true friend ? Or no. ?? I was thinking maybe cause he is the king of creation but also caring and loving father

  19. Tiffany says:

    How does overcoming a difficultly or challenge help us face other difficulties or challenges? Victory Exodus 14:13-28 . My opinion I think you can’t without God cause challenges never stop. And I think more People will fall without God… For those who have God can go through challenges face obstacles and when we think we are alone or had enough or need help we call on the powerful God above and he gets us though. I think it’s a providential plan that he wants us to go to him more and also sometimes we go through stuff and we can get true spiritual guidance and growth from Church pastor and friends… How does God use difficulties to build our faith In him? Cause he knows there is no limit accept to call and go to him. He loves us and wants us to know his there for us. Never doubt that and no greater love that he

  20. kirk comish says:

    Sorry it took me so long to respond to your comment Tiffany. AS I have gotten older I see the stark truth of everything that I do without God has been a total failure. I have come to realize that seeking his path in our life is the only way that ever works out for the best.

  21. Tiffany says:

    Thanks Kirk so much.

  22. Tiffany says:

    I need prayers please…. My mom got picked up to go to jail today. Please pray for me

  23. Tiffany says:

    Don’t let the kids know please about it I don’t want them knowing at church

  24. Tiffany says:

    Please don’t think I’m a bad person it’s just I am trying to keep Alyssa and Alex that my mom is In jail and sadly it’s going to be hard beacause of the news on TV but we don’t have cable we only have Netflix that maybe a good thing so that Alyssa and Alex may not see her on the news. Please pray that God lifts me up I will explain more tonight if anyone ask just I don’t want the kids around when we talk if anyone wants to know why. See you all tonight and I can’t wait cause I need God and his house and my church friends.

  25. Michelle Gibbs says:

    Tiffany my prayers are with you and your family. I love you girl!

  26. Michelle Gibbs says:

    The Egyptians the Pharoah sent to retrieve the Israelites had to be in fear of what God would do them knowing the plagues he had placed on them already. I, as I have gotten older (as Kirk says) have really humbled myself to know God is there and still, I as a true believer still fail him and attempt to “make things right” myself sometimes. We see miracles from our most High God daily but could you imagine the miracles these Isralites witnessed in their time and traveling with the visual pressence(even though it was the form of a cloud) a day…. I would have a hard time walking while on my knees praising the whole time.

  27. kirk comish says:

    Michele, I was thinking along the same lines. Consider what these people had seen since Moses showed up. The staffs to snakes, plagues, clouds and the parting of the Red Sea… One miracle after another. Think of what people (on both sides) must have been thinking.

  28. Michelle Gibbs says:

    In our lesson for this coming Sunday after reading Exodus 16:1-3, I realize how sufficient this is in today’s world as well. We are never fully satisfied with what we have been given (everything we have comes from God in one way or another) and always want a “little” more. Then in versus 4–5,11-12, God loves his people so much as to go above and beyond to PROVE himself, his love and his power to them. I still don’t see how after all the miricals they have witnessed and all God has done for them, even when he was physically with them as a cloud… I am in awe.

  29. kirk comish says:

    Hey everybody… just wanted to check in… Let’s try to invite someone to Sunday School this week. Really enjoying Exodus.

  30. Michelle Gibbs says:

    I want to throw this out there for everyone. Is there something or a time we can (I can think of plenty in my life) remember when we felt what we had just wasn’t enough but looking back now as we have grown in our relationship with God we see he had given us plenty of what we needed at that time? I myself am going to say an extra prayer of thanks tonight for those times. Our God is forever faithful and loving to us even when we do not realize it at that time.

  31. Michelle Gibbs says:

    I just want to let my friend Tiffany know I am praying for you and you will always have a friend in me. We are forever sisters in Christ and if you need me I am there. Also, for the life of me, I cannot remember you name and I am so very sorry, but to the young lady that I pray for your mom every day in our class that is in Texas, we too are sisters in Christ and if you need anything, this includes someone to sit and pray with you, just let me know. I have NO problem doing this with you. I love my whole Sunday school class and pray for them daily. If any of you need anything within my limitations, please let me know. I pray that God blesses you all. Thank you Brother Kirk for your leadership in this class. It means so much to have such a God loving leader.

  32. Wanda Jones says:

    Tiffany, I am also praying for you. We have shared some of the same stories. I know things are hard, but with all the prayers being sent up, the Lord hears. David and I have so enjoyed attending HBC. Everyone is sincere, and kind. We are also enjoying the SS class , & lessons. Blessings to all.

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