Exodus 16

The people are once again complaining of lack of food – saying they at least had food in Egypt.  The Lord told Moses he was going to provide them food.  However, they were only to gather enough for one day, other than the sixth day when they would gather enough for two days.  That evening quail came and covered the camp and in the morning Mannah was sent from heaven.  The Israelites were not to keep the bread overnight but some did and the maggots got it – this angered Moses.  There was none on the ground on the Sabbath as Moses had said.  The Lord told the people to keep one jar of the Mannah for generations to come to see what the Lord did for his children.  Aaron put the Mannah with the Law to preserve it.
This drives at the most common theme we have been discussing lately.  Do we truly trust the Lord?

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