Exodus 14

Pharaoh decided he wasn’t going to let the Israelites go so he sent out soldiers with horses and chariots after them.  When the Eqyptians got close to them the Israelites were angry with Moses for taking out of servitude in Egypt to die in the desert.  Moses told the people the Lord will fight for you.  The Lord told Moses to stretch out his rod over the Red Sea and divide it, so that the Children of Israel may leave on dry ground.  The cloud came between the Egyptians and Israelites and kept them seperated.  The Egyptians pursued him through the sea.  Moses stretched forth his hands again and the waters returned, drowned the Egyptians.  After this the children of Israel feared and believed in the Lord.
This is an incredible thing to visualize.  Consider that the same God that fought for Moses and his people fight for us.

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