Exodus 13

The Lord spoke to Moses saying to remember this day, when the children of Israel came out of Egypt.  He said to sanctify all of the newborn and eat no unleavened bread.  This happened in the month of Abib.  The Lord told Moses he was going to a land of milk and honey that was promised his forefathers.  They were to have seven days of unleavened bread and then a feast.  The Lord said this would be a memorial and keep this ordinance from year to year.  He reviews how the Israelites will celebrate how the birth of the first born males and the Lord slew all of the first born Egyptians.  The Lord led the people by the way of the Red Sea, which was not the closest route.  Moses took the bones of Joseph with him.  The Lord went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud and night by a pillar of fire; which did not depart from the people.
God did not depart from his people.  This is still true today.  Think of a time in your life you leaned heavily on the Lord.

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